Questions regarding Patrick Broderick and Anna Duggan


where is Patrick Broderick buried?

who is buried next to Anna Duggan? Patrick, or possibly a baby that did not live in 1851 (may be our anna duggan or another ann duggan


this is both noted in Anne BB's notes. Her notes state Patrick is next to Anna, and there is a 1851 baby named Patrick.


I have the Lot number and yes.  It is listed as:  Section 18 - Lot 67.

However, Patrick is not mentioned in the Listing of Names.  But remember that there is
a casket next to Anna's listed as UNKNOWN.  It is probably Patrick's and the records
just are not complete and no burial date is listed either.  It will be interesting to see if
the family put a headstone there with Patrick's name on it.

You will have to let us know when you go to St. Louis.  It is possible that the family knew
but that it was overlooked by Calvary at the time.


papers from Anne BB- burial Broderick burial plot with 13 graves.   #12 is cut off on the copy, but it clearly shows Patrick Broderick burined next to Anna
Note all the Greys aren Carpentiers and Hannigan is behind them.  Note says room for 25 more as of the time this was printed.   Not sure of the last burial on this form, cause 94 could mean 1894 and likely does as this is the Grey family.





the following from this website.


Patrick BRODERICK was born in County Clare, Ireland, and died BEF. 1880. He was buried in File says unknown (presumed to be Patrick) Calvary Cemetery - Broderick Lot Sec 18 - Lot 67.


Anna DUGGAN was born 1830 in County Clare, Ireland. She was buried in Calvary Cemetery - Broderick Lot Sec 18 - Lot 67 .